Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Technologies play a key role in gaining a competitive edge and in ensuring the profitability and survival of a company. The major development in technology is the internet and how a majority of people use the internet to get some information of which 71% rely on new external sources of information such as social media that has expanded the organizational search field.

The Social media can surely be said as one of the important sources of leading people and have become an important part of everyone's daily life whether young or old.

Here is the monthly breakout of the percentage of users using social media networks to get knowledge and information.

* 2 billion people use Facebook

* 1.5 billion people use YouTube

* 1.2 billion use WhatsApp

* 700 million use Instagram

* 328 million use Twitter

These social media networks have added a great value in e-commerce market as about one-third of the world uses social media networks. In 2019, it is estimated that there will more rise in the people using social media around the globe.

This is a major reason why many companies prefer to market their business on social media platform and use service of SMM (social media marketing). Therefore, by using SMM you allow your business boost visitors and allow people to get informed about your brand.