Today a business is driven by vigorous approach on how to promote business. A great part of business promotion is played by media planning. It is the process of strategically choosing the media platforms in position to place advertisement over a period of time online in order to achieve an advertiser’s campaign goal and attract consumers to participate as a silent observer.

For media planning, these following steps are used.

Investigation of Audience


Realize what type of audience you want to target and how to reach to them. Decide the time frame period you want to get your advertisement displayed i.e. for a week or month. As the consumer behavior varies by demographic, planners so you have to decide on an effective campaign.

Cost of the marketplace


First, divide the total cost of advertising and get the total cost of the outlet. Find the percentage of your campaign devoted to advertising in newspaper and magazines and then measure the cost. Look for the types of buys, from display to search, and beyond while planning the medium which will be most effective.

Selection of medium


Based on your product and the targeted customer, select the media outlet that reaches your customer. For instance, the advertising of BMW cars on TV channels like star plus, and Sony TV will not attract attention as like CNBC channel.