Media buying understand the brand and advertisements and provide guidance to the advertisers to determine the right channels and better utilization of ad spaces.

This is basically paid media category which basically includes the utilization and time for displaying ad on any media platform. When buying media, the aim is just to find everything in order i.e. right place, time, and circumstances to deliver in order to target customer and increase conversion rate, sales, and brand recognition.

For media buying, these following steps are used.



Deciding on which advertisement to have for the business is not decided overnight. It requires meticulous preparation and consumes most of the time in doing research and careful planning on what advertisement strategy is perfect for the business. In the pre-launch stage, the media buyer estimates and offers appropriate media choices. The centre focus is to guarantee that the chosen advertisement medium suits the advertising objective.

Campaign launch



When the campaign is getting launch, the main burden of the media buyer is to find the best media delivery and effective campaign performance. Analyze what works best and what doesn't and based on these revelations; make the decision of the advertising campaign.

Post-launch Observations


At the post-campaign stage, think about the bad and good of the campaign repercussions in terms of performance, media space, return on investment, customer commitment and overall execution.