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SHAYMO is an independent and internationally known leader in media planning, execution and an expert in the field of digital and traditional media. We are recognized as one of the best Los Angeles media buying agencies.

Our Approach:
Our media experts are cross-capable in all platforms such as Print, Television, Radio, Outdoor, Web and Social Media.

We deliver outstanding advertising campaigns through our custom media planning.

Data-driven results:
By designing and executing a custom created media plan we help the business reach out to its potential clients.

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Relative Capabilities:

* Paid Search Advertising
* Social Media Advertising
* Online Display Advertising
* Mobile Display Advertising
* Audience & DMA Research
* Print Advertising
* Out of Home Advertising
* Online/Mobile Video Advertising
* Radio Advertising
* TV Advertising
* Event and Guerrilla Marketing
* Reporting and Analytics
* Media Campaign Optimization

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